Prospect Park Hike (02/22/14)

Saturday, February 22, YouthCaN went on an excursion to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY.  Lucky for us it was a beautiful day with temperatures within the 50’s! Before reaching Prospect Park we decided to pass thought the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. There we explored the greenhouse and were able to walk into both tropical and desert environments. Soon after we reached Prospect Park and entered through the Flatbush Ave. entrance and ate lunch near the Audubon Boat house at around noon. During lunch, Jay and Monia had went down to the banks of the lake and fished for plankton using a plankton net. We learned using Jay’s antic portable microscope, that plankton levels in the lake at Prospect Park were extremely low compared to the waters in Central Park.  We came to the conclusion that Central Park unlike Prospect Park might have had a higher percentage of earthworms whose feces would fertilize the environment better, thus creating a better environment for other organisms. Concerning our hike, we walked towards the ice-skating rink then made a round trip back to the Grand Army Plaza entrance by traveling along Center Drive and East Drive Road. Along our Prospect Park hike we had a mini snowball fight, observed a large tree log, analyzed the growth and eating pattern of a maturing beetle, and rock formations of various rocky hills.22488_photo_(1)_f22487_bbg_bobzi_2_f